Our Process

Outlined below is a typical journey that we will undertake with a client. Each client and project are unique and therefore the focus and time involved in each of the stages varies with the complexities of their vision. We value the collaborative nature of the work we undertake and enjoy building lasting relationships with our clients. We provide a bespoke solution in every case and aim to delight our customers. 


First contact from client.  

Arrange a time to meet and discuss the brief 


Listening to your requirements is our focus during the brief.  

Accurately understanding how you wish to use the space. 

Getting to know your personality and lifestyle, and whether the design has any ‘must have’ elements or strongly desired features. 

Foundations & Feasibility

Your project may need foundational work that up till this stage you had not considered, or permissions sought before undertaking.  

Our team will discuss these with you if they arise so that you are fully aware of the full scope of your ideas. 

Measured Survey

An accurate and detailed survey from which the initial concept can be created. 


Using the gathered information, an initial concept is produced for your consideration. A 3D design will be created to allow you to see the ideas more clearly. 


Working together with you, the initial concept is discussed in depth. We aim to inspire you and build upon your ideas, problem solving and providing solutions that you might not have considered. 

This process enables various design drafts to be considered, ensuring that all the elements important to you are included in the finalised concept. 


Depending on the size of the project this stage of the process will vary considerably. Architects may be required and a structural engineer if construction is required. Common elements include, space planning, flow analysis, lighting design, material selection and product suggestions.

If desired a 3d visualisation can be produced.

Completed Design

With all the elements of the project finalised full working drawings will be produced and a schedule agreed. All working documents are accessible through our customer portal so that you are fully informed every step of the way. 


We take pride in the high standards of our team and all the trades that we choose to work with. Professional, courteous, and considerate with your best interests at heart we aim to achieve exceptional results with minimum disruption. 


A full demonstration of the finished project. All features and technologies talked through, care and maintenance considerations highlighted. A full inspection to ensure that you are completely happy with your finished space.


You, the client enjoying your luxury space for years to come.