Luxury Recessed Spa Bath

To create a luxury room for relaxation and replenishment, including a spa bath.



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Project Date

This room was designed around the installation of a Kos spa bath in methacrylate. It features an innovative Aqualisa filling system, removing any requirement for traditional taps. 
A tasteful copper tree water feature and LED mood lighting help to create a soothing atmosphere in which to relax and recessed into the wall is a waterproof television from Aquavision. 
A stylish Kos freestanding basin and spout system was placed against a full length, larger size mirror creating the impression of a larger room. 

This room, unusually located below floor level, lead to some interesting challenges. The existing suite was removed and then the floor had to be excavated to allow room for the bath. 
As the fixtures were below the available drainage, we specified a small, greywater lifting station which was by necessity below the level of the bath itself. The lifting station is located discretely under the copper tree. 

Project Detail

KOS Spa Bath 1800 x 1800 | Aqualisa filling system with auto stop | Kos Basin Graff Spout and controls | Aquavision TV set in to the wall

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