Mid Devon Farm

Create a first floor living space that would house a luxury home spa that our clients desired. Match the listed features of the house in line with Heritage England. Extend the existing ground floor layout to include a cloakroom and extra convenience. Redesign the ground floor to suit the requirements of their lifestyle. 



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Demolitions included the removal of a roof on a 1960’s extension and the removal of a concrete courtyard ready for renovation. In addition, substantial groundworks were involved on the farm to solve some existing drainage problems. 

Mid Devon Farm Pipework

Mid Devon Farm Machinery

Mid Devon Farm Courtyard Prep

Mid Devon Farm Drain Survey

Mid Devon Farm Track

Mid Devon Farm Soil Heap

The site had a historical problem of excessive water running over the roads and pathways when it came down from the surrounding hills. A drain survey was undertaken, and the necessary repairs carried out.  

Further, unforeseen groundworks would be necessary as whilst creating a base for the new 2500L oil tank, as a problem was discovered with the integrity of a supporting wall to a barn. This was able to be reinforced with sixty cubic meters of concrete under the direction of a structural engineer, once this was completed the new base and housing for the oil tank could be constructed. 

Mid Devon Farm Retaining Wall Excavation

Mid Devon Farm Retaining Wall Ties

Mid Devon Farm Retaining Wall Concrete 

New pipework and cabling were trenched and laid to provide the infrastructure that was required for another element of the project and whilst this was done the opportunity was taken to lay extra elements to future proof the farm.

Mid Devon Farm Secret Garden Before

 The clients had a Secret Garden that they wished to use as an outdoor retreat. It was in an unkept and abandoned state, but the potential of this idea was immediately evident as the views were stunning. 

They envisioned a summer house with water and electricity to accompany the raised patio, which would enable them to spend many a pleasant afternoon enjoying the wildlife. The ground needed to be levelled and turfed and an area set aside for some poultry.  


Mid Devon Secret Farm During


The farmhouse is a grade two listed building so all alterations had to match the existing features. Underneath these heritage considerations are modern innovations and specifications, ensuring that the insulation and functionality of the building are up to modern standards. 

The project presented the ideal time to carry out some maintenance, with one of the chimneys being repointed and decorated. The existing tired and worn guttering was replaced and fascia boards repainted, all of the buildings sash windows were refurbished as well.  

Home Office & Ground Floor

The project would also involve redesigning and extending the ground floor to better serve the lifestyle of the clients. The newly extended area included an entrance lobby and cloakroom with an extra convenience. 

There is also a room dedicated to their beloved dogs. The utility room features new furniture and quartz worktops along with a larder containing bespoke shelving. A home office and shower room with a second toilet are also present. 

Once the heavier work had been completed the trackways were reinstated and the courtyard area was freshly laid. There are future plans to develop the courtyard space further…

Mid Devon Farm Cement Lorry

Mid Devon Farm Cement Pour

Mid Devon Farm Cement Screed 

This project was completed during the coronavirus restrictions and, as is the nature of things a number of complications arose. The close-knit relationship that was fostered between ourselves and the clients served as a solid foundation for working through these issues as they arose. Working flexibly with the customers best interests at heart meant that we were able to overcome these complications with as little disruption as possible. This was the starting element of a wider project in which the clients dreams of creating a luxury home spa would be realised. 

Project Detail

All external aesthetics in line with heritage England | Conservation grade slates | Clement conservation rooflight | Joiner made Sweet Chestnut Windows | Bespoke Doors | High grade modern Insulation | Underfloor heating with SMART home controls

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