Bathroom redesign

The existing bathroom just had a corner Jacuzzi bath and a washbasin – and not much else.

We redesigned the room to enable the installation of a much larger, square spa bath centrally located. We specified a Kos spa bath in methacrylate. An Aqualisa filling system removed any requirement for traditional taps.

A stylish Kos freestanding basin and spout system was placed against a full length, larger size mirror creating the impression of a larger room.

A decorative copper tree was set in the corner of the room. This was placed in a tank of water replete with a pump. When the pump is activated, the leaves of the tree drip water.

The radiator on the wall doubles as a towel rail and a mirror. The combination means that the mirror never steams up.

To add a bit of fun and create an on-trend atmosphere, we specified LED colour changing lights in the ceiling.

At the end of the bath is an in-wall waterproof television from Aquavision.

The bathroom was decorated simply in white, adding to the sense of luxury and understated elegance.

This installation itself was a challenge, as the room is sited below ground level, and below available drainage. To overcome this, we specified a small, greywater lifting station. It needed to be below the bottom level of the bath in order to drain the bath when the client had finished using it. The lifting station is located discretely under the copper tree.

Project Detail

  • KOS Spa Bath 1800 x 1800
  • Aqualisa filling system with auto stop
  • Kos Basin
  • Graff Spout and controls
  • Aquavision TV set in to the wall

Project timescale: 3 weeks

Guide price: £28 - 30K

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